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Rejects - Early Oregon Recordings

by Pizazz

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Country Suit 02:01
Pop Hit 03:36
The Drought 03:14


Songs recorded in 2001 and deemed unlistenable, even by Pizazz' standards. A dozen years later, they still may be, but less so. These seven non-cohesive digital recordings lack the Pizazz zing (it's agreed that Pizazz only works on cassette). Nevertheless, this unauthorized release will be relished by completists. Says longtime Pizazz spokesman Boy Pizazz, "When they said let sleeping dogs lie, they were talking about these musical mutts." SBR prez Frank Witner counters, "Yeah, but they're still better than this..." (at which point, he turns on the radio).

Pizazz were an unknown supergroup from Long Island in the mid-to-late 90s. Featuring Mike O'Shaughnessy of The Throats, Jim O'Shaughnessy of The Feebs and Jen Mackey of The Frustrations, Pizazz dominated the basement/bedroom music scene of eastern Nassau County in the mid-90's (fizzling out in the Pacific Northwest in 2001 with a collection of sub-par recordings). Ah, but those albums during the Clinton Administration!


released June 29, 2013

Written and performed by Pizazz (Jen Mackey, Jim O'Shaughnessy and Mike O'Shaughnessy)
Vocals on "The Drought" by Paul Saur
Recorded by the Pius Brothers in Portland, OR in 2001.
cp2001/2013 Pizazz
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Semi-fictional netlabel reissuing homemade albums from the catalog of Long Island's 90s tape label Big Casserole Records as well as releasing new music from same old guys & gals. Check out the hiss! NY/OR/CA.

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